Our philosophy

For the 2019/20 winter season, we are opening the first sustainable ski school in Switzerland as an Eco Skischool in Andermatt. Our team has made it its mission to fight the poorly said environmental record, the winter sports. It is important to us that we encourage a rethink and show how each individual can minimize his or her own ecological footprint. From our point of view, it is possible to practice environmentally conscious and sustainable winter sports.

For the implementation, we have critically designed a concept for the first ecological ski school. Andermatt has many ecological locational advantages due to its geographical location on the Alpine ridge and its altitude above the sea. In Andermatt and the SkiArena, 90% of all lift and snowmaking systems are operated with renewable energy from wind turbines and hydropower plants. In detail, we advertise behavioural patterns during winter holidays that are of little environmental impact. In doing so, we focused on aspects that include travel, consumption, accommodation, waste minimisation and recycling.

We want to show our guests alternatives and, in addition to our own ecological contribution as a team of the Eco Skischool Andermatt, create awareness among our guests through educational work.

Impressions of the Eco Skischool in Andermatt