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The choice of accommodation is an important aspect of holiday planning. In addition to a wealth of offers, Andermatt offers alternatives that support the ecological idea. Some pioneers have extensively renovated their hotels and accommodations. Heating costs can consume enormous costs and resources in winter, and that is why some companies have switched to geothermal plants. Geothermal energy refers to the heat energy stored in the earth's crust. Under a geothermal plant, the most general and neutral collective term is for all plants in which geothermal energy is extracted from the subsoil, processed or distributed. Geothermal energy is an extremely ecological way of providing warm water and heating or cooling houses. The shallow geothermal heat is usually used with a heat pump. In order to reach the desired temperature in a building, it usually requires 75 percent geothermal heat and 25 percent electricity for the heat pump When choosing your accommodation, it helps to pay attention to awards and labels that have been awarded for environmental friendliness. Pay attention, for example, to the Swiss Minergie standard (Minergie is a Swiss building standard for new and modernised buildings. Minergie buildings are also characterized by a very low energy demand and the highest possible proportion of renewable energies), Ibexfairstay or the Greenleader Award. These designations guarantee their contribution to the environment and in most cases also a sustainable thought of the owner. We are happy to help you make the right selection and hand it over to our partners and service providers.

For Ecoskischool Andermatt, it is important that our cooperation partners meet ecological criteria that support a sustainable environmental awareness. We want to promote the Urseren valley in the long term, with the aim of transforming it into an environmentally friendly region for sustainable tourism.

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Andermatt looks back on a centuries-old tradition of mountain farmers who had to ensure their survival through agriculture. Sustainable agriculture has been practised in the Ursern Valley for centuries. Long before the first organic supermarket opened its doors. Even today, some mountain farmers supply the entire village with delicious, healthy and sustainable products. In the meantime, most companies are labelled With the Bio-Suisse label. The Bio-Suisse label guarantees Swiss organic quality. The Eco Skischool Andermatt works closely with guest companies that source their food from the region, and we follow the motto "Think global, eat local".