Eco Skischool Andermatt

Waste management

Switzerland achieved a recycling rate of 52 in 2016, making us one of the leaders in Europe. Recycling saves energy and raw materials. It also conserve resources and keeps them in the material cycle. With a life-cycle assessment, the concrete benefits of Swiss recycling systems could be demonstrated: Recycling in this country achieves an environmental benefit equivalent to a residential energy requirement of 790,000 people.

Andermatt has an excellently organised delivery point with the ZAKU (Cantonal Waste Company) in the canton of Uri and the municipal works court. There you can release glass, metal, PET, batteries, paper, waste oil, waste clothing and many other recyclables and return them to the material cycle.

The prevention of waste and the collection of recyclable material is an important topic for the Eco Ski School. We want to protect our fragile mountains and communicate this to our guests as well. As a first solution, the Eco Skischool Andermatt BPA offers free high-quality reusable insulation drinking bottles to counteract plastic waste. On the ski slope it is possible to fill up spring water free of charge with our partners with our bottles. We want to break patterns of behaviour, our guests can integrate the bottles into their everyday life and thus permanently dispense with plastic bottles even after their holiday stay.