Children driving skills


Using the classification below, you can deduce your driving skills and make a selection for your course booking. Our excellently trained snow sports instructors will help you take your driving skills to the next level.


  • Beginner, Newcomer
  • Introduction from the beginning
  • First snow contact
  • Plow
  • Safe braking, first controlled snow plowing


  • Beginners
  • Skiing turns in the plow
  • Safe lift riding
  • Edge slides
  • Safe alpine skiing behavior
  • Controlled skiing in snow plow until the first controlled, parallel turns


  • Intermediate
  • Use of skipoles
  • Parallel ski steering long turns
  • Parallel skiing short turns
  • Carving long turns
  • Carving short turns


  • Expert
  • Carving short turns
  • Race carving long turns
  • Race carving short turns
  • Terrain (steep slopes, moguls, deep snow, freeriding)
  • Speed & Competition (Race, Ski Cross, Funcarving, Demo & Formation)
  • Trends (New School, Kickers and Air, Slides and Rails)