Eco Skischool Andermatt

Our ecological contribution

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As an Eco Skischool Andermatt, we want to set new standards in the winter sports industry through our ecological action. We use manufacturers from the sports industry for our work wear, which are distinguished by pioneering innovations for sustainability and environmental compatibility. It is important to us that the selected materials PFC (perfluorocarbon) are free, because the fluoro-carbon compounds are very long-lived and difficult to degrade by nature. Our manufacturers use only 100% recycled or recyclable materials for their production. This saves the environment by recycling recyclable materials and thus saving resources.

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Reduction of plastic waste

On average in Europe, each person consumes about 200 plastic disposable bottles per year. Using Germany as an example, 16.4 billion plastic bottles are consumed every year. This corresponds to approximately 470,000 tons of plastic waste from disposable bottles. The production of this amount of plastic bottles consumes about 480,000 tons of crude oil and natural gas condensates annually. This amount could provide heat for almost 400,000 single-family homes for a year. As a solution, the Eco Ski School Andermatt BPA offers free high-quality reusable insulation drinking bottles to counteract plastic waste.

On the ski slope it is possible to fill up spring water free of charge with our partners with our bottles. We want to break patterns of behaviour, our guests can integrate the bottles into their everyday life and thus permanently dispense with plastic bottles even after their holiday stay.

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Educational approach

As an Eco Skischool Andermatt it is important to protect what is close to our hearts. Subsequent generations should also enjoy skiing and discover all its other winter sports. We believe that each individual has to decide for himself how he wants to get involved in order to improve the environment. Many people are already actively dealing with existing environmental and climate issues, but are inconclusive with their daily implementation. We want to act as a multiplier and explain to our guests during the lessons how the fragile mountain world is built up and how we can preserve it together. We help to raise awareness and show how a more sustainable life can be designed without the absence of winter sports.

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Up - & Recycling

Let us examine consumer behaviour together. We have developed into a throwaway society and seemingly completely intact garments end up in the landfill in tons. In 2017, germany took the example of one million tonnes of textiles that were sorted out. The production of clothing is not only resource-intensive, but also very climate-damaging.

The Eco Ski School Andermatt will give old ski clothing a second chance from the 2019 winter season. We are creating an upcycling & recycling campaign. Upcycling is a form of recycling. Seemingly useless waste products are converted into new materials using upcycling.

Our concrete plan is for our ski school office to serve as a collection point for old ski clothing. We need your help to do this! Bring us your old ski clothes. After the season we clean the clothes and repair defects. We then distribute the garments through humanitarian organisations to where they are needed.

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to donate

The Eco Skischool Andermatt donates part of every successful ski course to humanitarian organisations that are actively committed to environmental protection. Thus, you can support our project by booking a course in our ski school. At this time of our project Eco Skischool Andermatt, we have decided on the climate organization 'Prima Klima'. They plant and protect forests and thus promote the afforestation of destroyed forest areas.